Wednesday, 17 May 2006

Character Biographies

Patrick Berne
A former high flyer at Scotland Yard, Berne is now a small town private detective, dealing in fraud and divorces, strictly nothing to write home about. His latest case, however, is to find a friend’s son who has gone missing. Peter Hickman disappeared about a month ago and Berne is about to give up.

Sally Hickman
Sally’s nine years in the world have been far from ideal, her father died when she was very young and her older brother, Peter, has vanished. The only thing Sally’s got going for her is Patrick; she believes in him more than anyone.

Dick Morton
Fired from NASA and struggling to make ends meet; Morton has been travelling back and forth between England and America. He’s working with his nephew, Sam, on something big that will change the lives of millions. He just hopes his wife and kids see it that way.

Sam Pope
I don’t believe we’ve been properly introduced...

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