Tuesday, 4 July 2006

A Tale of Two Cities

We've been extremely busy at Unterwelt Towers this month, which justifies not updating the blog for a while...

First up, the finishing touches have been applied to Sam Pope 2: Three Grey Boxes. I know what you're thinking, "What was that flash of light at the observatory in issue one? Why did Sam answer the door with a bloodied nose? What's the crack with the American?" So maybe you're not asking all those questions, or indeed any, but Three Grey Boxes follows on from them. You're gonna love this book. Release date is set for around the 20th July.

There was also a bit of a Jaunt up to Edinburgh last week, resulting in a new outlet for Sam Pope 1. Deadhead Comics is located at 27 Candlemaker Row, Edinburgh, near the Greyfriar's Bobby Statue. Get down there if you're around for the Fringe. Travelling Man and Alt Vinyl are also stocking the book back home in Newcastle.

There's also something new in the ever-clogged pipeline at Unterwelt, but who are we to start rumours? Stick around for more news.

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