Friday, 21 July 2006

Three Grey Boxes

Alright, so I was a day late. But one day in the world of small press comics is nowt. Sorry if anyone was waiting in the rain...

Sam Pope 2: Three Grey Boxes is out now at Travelling Man, Newcastle. This is one story to get excited about; mainly following the exploits of Dick Morton, Sam Pope's uncle, after a mysterious flash at the observatory.

Hope you all enjoy.


Rob said...

Just wanted to let you know, I saw the article in The Crack. As a fellow North Eastener, and a comic book fan, I think it's great, what you're doing. I'll be picking up my copy from Travelling Man next time I'm at the toon. I'm interested to know, do you print it all yourself, or did you approach a small run publisher?

Anyway, I wish you every success.

Gary said...

Cheers, Rob. I hope you'll enjoy the book. I've had a little look at your blog, sounds very interesting. It'd be good to hear more about it.

Everything I've put out on sale is self-published, in other words photocopied and stapled as cheaply as possible. While this does have a knock on effect on the quality, it means I can sell the finished books below the mighty two quid mark. I think price is a greater obstacle than print quality for the nervous buyer.


Rob said...

True to my word, wrecked from many a late-running train on my post-work journey from Crewe the other week, I found myself in the Toon. I went straight to Travelling Man, but, having missed the first issue of Sam Pope, and being one of those people who likes first thangs first, I picked up a copy of Clean Living... which perfectly complemented the Greggs pasty and doughnut I ate by the Civic Centre. The pasty was humdrum, the doughnut was canny, and the comic was a cracking read. Thank you Arriva, for providing the 518, a bus I just won't take home (the stop at Acklington Prison brings on bad and fearful vibes) and giving me an hour of peace until a sensible bus came along. Mind you, I was sitting in a park, smelling like a hobo and covered in the muck from a Morrison's refit. Is there any more perfect way to read Clean Living...? Champion book, mate. Looking forward to expanding my Unterwelt collection.

Gary said...

Truly, there is no other way to experience Talsatia than to smell like it's inhabitants.

Kool review, mate, if you fancy a look at Sam Pope 1, I think Alt Vinyl still have a few copies. It's just off Westgate Road.