Thursday, 24 August 2006

Don't Panic

It's been a while since my last post... there's a phrase you never read on blogs, but my excuses are genuine. I've been in Edinburgh doing a spot of shameless self promotion. The festival began earlier this month so the persistent and indiscriminate handing out of flyers was the order of the day. That weekend was also our mate Dan's twenty first birthday, and an opportunity to meet some of his mates from London, Cumbria, Bristol and other places in these isles. Rest assured that there are now scrumpled up balls of paper containing this very web address in bins across the country. It was kool seing you guys, cheers for a memorable weekend.

After getting back, well, barely twelve hours after getting back, I took Amy to Rome. It sounds like an off the cuff thing, but don't let the ramshackle planning fool you. It was planned. In a highly ramshackle fashion. It was nice to have a break from the promotion circuit. whoring yourself can be ever so tiresome. Bear in mind though, that the language barrier can be overcome... one day.

Speaking of comics, has anyone noticed how people read comicbooks openly on the continent. I mean on the streets. Fans don't feel obliged to hide away from the real world and read their crumpled copies of sequential art in a nuclear bunker, under a bridge or a bedroom of their parent's house. It's a happier place for our kind. Anyway, we had to go home. A day later I was in Edinburgh. This time Chris and I were seeing Radiohead and mooching off Dan's hospitality, again. So that's where I've been and that's why I haven't been talking to you. Oh, yeah and Sam Pope 3 is out in September too.

Until next time


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the comic 'three gray boxes', an abstract mind bender that makes watching Lost, while drunk, seem easy to follow. Anyway you get your currancy's worth rereading it to fingure out what went on, brilliant!
Plus, I have to say there's something humbling about being a supporting character on an obscure small-press blog entry; 'Chris and I mooched off dan's hospitality [sic]'.

Gary said...

Cheers, mate. let the gushing reviews continue!

Ooh and there'll be some stuff coming on the site detailing some events from that glorious Radiohead gig in Edinburgh. Thankfully, they will not include the exploits of the guy who was too smashed to stand up.