Friday, 6 October 2006

It's all just a popularity contest...

Hey, I don't think I told everyone about this because it was so long ago. I entered this nationwide arts competition called Noise Festival. It's an allegedly entirely web-based showcase for young people who do art, photography, design, music, writing etc. Anyway, the site has finally gone live this week, and as you'd expect, there's a voting option.

Here's what you have to do.

Ok, so it's not essential that you do it, you won't be saving the planet, but it'll kill a few minutes if you're bored. 1) Go to 2) Type "unterwelt" in the search thing. 3) click "Go" or press enter. 4) Despair at the tone I'm taking with these instructions, it's purely so the none computer literate can join in. Please be thankful that I didn't start step one with "locate a computer, press the power button, ensuring it's plugged in..." 5) Click on one of me drawings 6) Click on the hands icon. Kudos. You have just voted. This is what Emily Pankhurst died for.

Remember, we don't approve of the voting system as a popularity contest, but while we've got a head start, let's see if Unterwelt Comics can get into double figures. Oh, come on, it might even be fun.

7) Wear a hilarious mask while voting to ensure it's fun.

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