Sunday, 11 March 2007

Yeah, yeah, I know, long time no blog, but I do have a degree to finish, right. OK, so what’s happened since the last time we blogged?

Sam Pope #4 is out in Newcastle and number three sold out. Yeah, that was the one with Sally on the front cover. Pope #5 will follow at some point. You know I love to be vague.

I also appeared in a show at Northumbria’s University Gallery, entered another art competition in Japan, and submitted work to the prestigious Banal Pig Anthology, which is out soon. And I went to Germany. So what did you do with the time off, eh? More information on the Banal Pig escapades can be found at

Meanwhile, at Travelling Man in Newcastle, the Comics Forum has been a barrel of laughs and suchlike, we’re hoping to get some work pulled together for an anthology in time for Free Comic Book Day. I’m going to get my thumb out and do something especially for it rather than just digging out some stuff I did three years ago. But I can’t do that if you insist I keep blogging. Ho-hum.

Well I’ll keep you posted on these projects in due course. Take care.

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