Sunday, 13 May 2007

Pope's Birthday, Anthologies and New Stockists

For the none of you who read this, it would be prudent to mention that the prestigious small press sensation that is Sam Pope is one whole year old. To celebrate, there's been something of a relaunch. The first issue is now available from all six of this fine nation's Travelling Man stores. That's Newcastle, York, Leeds, Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol. The Newcastle store has all issues up to number 4.

In other lands, Edinburgh's Deadhead Comics, David's Comics in Brighton and the London outposts of Orbital Comics and the Cartoon Museum all have copies of Pope 1. If, in the logic-defying event, that these fine establishments actually sell out, please, calm down and direct your shocking discovery to the management, who will no doubt seek me out to sate your appetite for poorly photocopied drawings. All being well, these retailers will want number two and so forth, but you'll read about it here. The plan is to release, or re-release them every three months or so.

And, yes, number five will be out soon.

I'm also in three, truly awesome anthologies, sitting alongside some fine talents in the comics field. That's not an actual field, more of a plantation.

The Banal Pig (BP) Portrait Prize Anthology can be purchased from It's £3.50 plus 50p p&p. More outside the UK. The BP site is at you can go to the blog and myspace from there.

And That? Collects the fruits of many labours from the Travelling Man Newcastle Comics Forum. Tiny print run, you say? Free, you say? Yeah, it is sold out. But there'll be more

And most recently, "He bought me a soda and he tried to molest me in a parking lot..." Vol.1 Collected by The Sound of Drowning, is a bunch of comics and art and stuff inspired by song lyrics. There's a print copy available from the website and there's also a free downloadable PDF version with my drawing in.

It's all excellent work, so give it a look.


steve said...

there should now be copies of the banal pig portrait anthology (or whatever it is it's called) in the bristol, manchester, leeds and newcastle stores. ethel sparrowhawk my new one is in newcastle too...

steve said...

p.s. i didnt know it was popeyes birthday! ha ha !

Gary said...

yeah, i saw them last week. Picked up Miss Sparrowhawk. Just in case you didn't know, it's highly good.

i read it in the sun outside the church in town. yeah, sometimes it is sunny in Newcastle.

Happy Birthday Popeye!