Sunday, 10 June 2007

It's Dead; We Killed It

That's the title of my degree show, not just a really vague confession to any police officers who may be using Google to catch crims.

Yeah, the opening when obscenely well, great response from the public and lecturers alike. I believe we all put on a truly special show. I know what you're thinking, where are all those pictures of you pouring glasses of wine and suchlike? Well they're at of course. The 4th Floor Gallery is a student-led artspace at Northumbria University. It shows exciting work and indiscriminately takes photographs at degree shows. The website for the show is at and you should go there. Now. And bring some flowers.

So, in the coming weeks I'll be arting, trying to sort out Pope 5, working on distributing Pope 2 and saying mysterious things like, Nightbus is coming.

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