Wednesday, 25 July 2007


Behold! The first Nightbus Snapshot!

Brought to you by Mr Chris Jones, my good self and the letters C and N.

Have a click, have a read, read the first page before the second, enjoy.

So what's this all about then? Conrad and César run the university safety bus. It's set in Newcastle. You love it. That's all you'll need for now. Chris and I are dishing out the snapshots for FREE in Newcastle and some select other places, but if you're outside the Toon, they'll be on here as regularly as I can muster. Eventually, there will be legions of you who'll want a hard copy, so we'll collect a few of the snapshots and some bonus stuff and flog them in comic shops and suchlike.

So that's the plan, also, many thanks to everyone who's read the comic and everyone who agreed to give us the space on their flyer shelves.

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