Thursday, 9 August 2007

Nightbus 2

This one's a favourite of mine. A focus on Conrad for a couple of pages. An error of judgement on my part meant that the print copy was a tad illegible. Kudos to you if you've come over seeking a clearer read.

For those of you who don't know Newcastle that well, this one starts off in the Bigg Market, well, above it. It's toned down quite a lot actually. No stabbings in this. Still, you probably wouldn't believe us if we were entirely truthful. I don't mean for this to start a "my home town's rougher than yours" type debate, for the area of the Bigg Market is a distinct entity unlike anything else. Not so much an area of the city as a collective mentality of "I will glass you if you look at me" localised into a few square metres.


spleenal said...

I live in newcastle too.
and draw comics.
see it wasn't just you.

Gary said...

Hazah! Welcome to the Blog, Mr Speenal. Incidentally, i didn't think it was just me who made comics, there's loads of us, but we don't venture out in daylight.

Do you know about the Newcastle Comics Forum?

matthewgiraudeau said...

Bigg market isn't so bad. I did see someone get glassed there at about half past five on a Tuesday.

That doesn't really prove my point...

Gary said...

Hey, Matt, do you think we're the only nation who uses the word "glass" as a verb?

Chris said...

The Bigg Market isn't Iraq...yet...

spleenal said...

There's some of us comic drawers going out on Sunday.
we used to do it loads but havn't for ages.
It's an open invite thing. turn up if you want, bring some stuff to show off (I advise against an A0 portfolio)
We'll be the nerdy looking ones

heres the plan.
Head of steam from 3 on Sunday,if its busy we'll move to Tilleys on westgate rd as a back up pub.

the only other person I know who is going and has a web presence is

Gary said...

I'd love too, mr spleenal, indeed, I'd normally be already at the head of steam from that time, but other commitments have torn me away from afternoon drinking. Ian from our comics forum is going over for a jaunt... perhaps another time... is this going to be regular?