Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Gallery Glue

...is a splendid independent gallery in Heaton, Newcastle. A while ago I was asked to join in with a group exhibition called Publish! it's all centred around artists who work with or make books. It opened on Friday gone. But don't worry, the show is still on for another four weeks I believe. There's also a load of events going on such as book binding, poetry reading and acoustic sets in the gallery. There's photos of the opening on flickr.

My stuff's near the start, but go through all of it, there's some awe inspiring stuff there, not least of which is Mr Ben Jeans Houghton's Memory Map which is an obscenly big map of Newcastle drawn from memory.

There hasn't been much in the way of posts of late, for I have moved house and the internet just arrived today. Nightbus 3 was put out in town last week and I'll put it online at some point soon. Steve Tillotson's blog is looking most colourful right now. Why don't you go over there?

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