Sunday, 20 January 2008

Save the Arcade

Andrew Owen Johnston announced today that he's no longer going to be doing the Zine Arcade project. For anyone who doesn't know, and I'll try and steer the tone away from obituary, Zine Arcade is a website and anthology centred around self-publishing. The site's main offering was a number of well sourced and informative articles and interviews from self-publishers and retailers who involved themselves in the small press scene. It's not actually a scene. That word just slipped out. Apologies.

In the same way that a fist fight accompanies a night at the opera, the words on the site were complemented with the publication of Zine Arcade #1, an anthology of self published fiction, faction, poetry, art, photography, and comics. This is where you should get involved. If you can muster a few free moments, go over to the site and purchase yourself a copy of the antho, hopefully the influx will convince Mr Johnston to kick his 16th Century era printing press back into action.

Well, maybe not, but it's a quality publication anyway, and a shame to see something with so much promise depart.


I like to think it's as a result of this post, but it's clearly not. Andy's reconsidering the end of Zine Arcade! The website will stay alive if people contribute articles, musings, rants and reviews. The Facebook group is a good place to get in contact.


spleenal said...

aw, and I've just found it. it seems like a great resource.
i saw you're in there somewhere.

Gary said...

Oh, yeah, I've got a page in the anthology. I'm sure I blogged it here... maybe...

Check out the edit. All may not be lost.