Saturday, 23 February 2008

Rodeo, Stewart Lee and Art

Travelling Man Newcastle had a Small Press Comics Rodeo last weekend, apologies for not mentioning it earlier, but you were busy. Tom Cassady who does the anthology "Outline" was there, as was helmsman Jack Fallows (check the flyer!), and I dished out some advice and vigilante justice. Well, not the last bit.

I did do a comic with a 10H pencil though. Intense.

Comedian Stewart Lee turned up to add a surreal double take to the proceedings and the day was a success. We're planning on doing another one with a bit more planning soon.

Got booked up for Thing finally this week, so we'll see you there if you're going. Who's going?

And finally, after about a year of waiting for the Cult Fiction touring exhibition to come up north, we hopped on a Carlisle bound train to go see. It was great to see work by Plender and Pettibon alongside Clowes and Crumb. I saw work that I'd known about and had never see before, Adam Dant, and other stuff that was completely new, Jon Pylpchuk. Shriggers surprised me. I saw some work of his that was rather enjoyable. This review is somewhat disappointing, must grumble more. I kept feeling that there was something missing from the show, but couldn't put my finger on it. I felt like I wanted more work from some of the artists, but there was a shedload represented here. We did get into the usual curatorial hissy fit over the tape squares on the floor arounf the sculptures.

Oh, and we had sausage in the Sausage County.


steve said...

sup, gar!
we shall see you at the thing- enjoy your journey down to the smoke.
adam dant's work is really interesting- he was on the printmaking course at the rca a few years before us- apparently he could never sleep so he'd stay up making a comic and then copy it and give it away in the morning like a newspaper. donald parsnips it was called.

Gary said...

Word, steve!
Looking forward to Thing, it'll be a good to see you guys in real life.
Our mutual real world link, Richard Galloway introduced me to Adam Dant's work back in tha day, so it was great to see it. There was another proper big drawing of his in the show too. Clowns destroying signs in a railway station. Great stuff. said...

Stewart Lee! That's not fair. I had to pay money to hear him make obscure comic book references... In answer to your question. Quite good.