Friday, 21 March 2008

Simultaneous Release

We're off to London Village!

Nightbus is getting a proper simultaneous release at the UK Web & Mini Comics Thing in London Tomorrow and at Travelling Man in our lovely hometown of Newcastle. The first collected Nightbus features all 4 of the free snapshots we dished out in pubs and that last year, as well as an all new fifth snapshot and additional comics segues to tie all the goodness together. The comic boasts wonderful card covers and due to cheaper printing costs than we projected, it'll only set you back £1.20

Also debuting at Thing will be Aide-Mémoire, a little collection of drawings and comics I've done over the past few years. This one's got various paperstocks and lino print covers. It's a bin lid.

Small Press Baron, Jack Fallows has also given us peasants a few copies of his new comic, "The Gentleman Ghost", amongst his many other collaborative ventures. They're all £1.50, as is the latest volume of "...And That", Newcastle Comics Forum's anthology.

If you're around the capital, drop in and say hello. We're on table 2. Be gentle, we're getting the 04:31 train from the Toon. And Chris travelled down from Aberdeen yesterday.

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