Thursday, 24 July 2008


We're off to the Burg on Saturday for the Edinburgh Zine and Small Press Fair at the Forest, which is a lovely little cafe/bar/venue place which we frequented muchly back in the day. Which means a couple of years ago, not the early to mid nineties. The Forest is a great place to hang out, it's a cool place, but not cool in the sense that it knows it. It's not full of poseurs, well not until we turn up with our collars popped. I'll probably take the camera up, but the table won't look as spectacular as the London Thing, due a number of reasons, we won't have any copies of Gentleman Ghost, largely because Jack can't find a cheap photocopier, the new ...And That hasn't been printed yet and I haven't done any new work. It may come as a mixed blessing, At Thing, we had more varied stuff on the table than I'd originally thought. The result was that as punters walked by, you'd have to essentially judge them and their tastes, before picking a comic and pitching it to them as the one thing missing in their vacuous lives. Here, there can be a concerted focus on Nightbus.

In production news, I'm doing some breakdowns for the next Nightbus collection, I'm relatively pleased with how it's going, but it's still early days, there is much to do.

So, in conclusion, we're in Edinburgh on Saturday. 12-5 at Forest Cafe, 3 Bristo Place. We'll have Nightbus, Aide-Mémoire, a few Popes and maybe some other stuff. I understand there'll be workshops and talks and screenings and live music, but come along anyway and say hello.

It'll be dead good.

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