Friday, 11 July 2008

More 24 Minute Comics

I'm back in the country. Thanks so much for not burglarising my homestead. It warms my heart.

Newcastle's Comics Forum hosted an evening of 24 Minute Comics production last night, in a push towards the creation of the third ...And That anthology. In a dramatic break from previous anthos, the vast majority of the content was made in a hundredth of the time and is bound by a theme that is not detrimental to the quality. Incidentally, the quality was rather good.

No pix unfortunately as it would be poor form to post previews before we've got the thing printed or whatever. Plus I don't have any of them handy.

On the Nightbus front, I've got the next Snapshot just about done, and I'll keep you updated with the other stuff Mr Jones and I have planned for the second collection of comics.

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