Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Laptop Crash, Cricket Analogy and New Stockists

As you may assume from the title of this post, my lappy crashed, nay, descended into a chasm of despair after I'd completed scanning the final page of 24 Minutes ...And That, the new Travelling Man antho. Twenty four unsaved jpegs were taken to a pixely end. Needless to say, after sleeping and watching Georgia destroy Russia in the volleyball arena, the book is now scanned and awaiting a few finishing touches in Photoshop.

OK Comics in Leeds are stocking Nightbus and you should go there and buy a copy. The website says they have a lending library type venture too, which sounds jolly interesting.

And after a shaky start, I've actually made it to 49 not out. Next post's the fiftieth, so I'll do something dead good. Maybe even topical.

2 comments: said...

I'm assuming Russia must have bossed USA, I was watching that. Volleyball is wank isn't it?

you heard of this guy?

it's cool.

Gary said...

Pehaps, but there is a case for solving diplomatic disputes via the medium of more obscure sports

I've seen Killoffer's work before, cheers for the link though, I've been looking for it to buy for a while.