Wednesday, 31 December 2008

A bit of a Review of the Year

I didn't do a review of the year last year because there wasn't really a lot on, but we did some notable stuff this year so let's do a token post for the month. Yeah, I know, but listen, I was busy, then ill, then busy, then there was Christmas. I don't judge you when you don't read every post.

Last year's first resolution, "to blog more, at least once a week with pictures and that" didn't really come to pass. That's a bit irrelevant really, as no-one reads this nonsense anyway.

The second one was a bit more successful, we went to not only one comics fair, but three. Thing in London (March), The Edinburgh Zine and Small Press Fair (August). The Edinburgh chaps are also having another one in February which we may attend, but London's looking a bit far away in this current climate.

Nightbus 1 and 2 came out, alongside a couple of lovely little books what I made. The third ...And That anthology came out, supported by a glorious launch party. The fourth should be getting compiled right now, but I'm doing this instead.

Well, there you go, a decent year. Hopefully better things will come along next year. Like money. PayPal's on the sidebar. Happy New Year.

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Unknown said...

Happy New year to you sir, may prosperous, creative days be ahead of you.