Tuesday, 24 February 2009

All the kool kids are talking about it

Yes, that was indeed a kool with a k. Like Kool in the Gang. It's post-post ironic. Or something of that nature.

If you want, nay need, a place on the Interweb for updates about "...And That" anthology releases and indeed, their always wonderful launch parties. Aaaand a home for info on how to get involved with the Newcastle Comics Nights, held at Travelling Man where we eat, draw and make merry, then stop reading this and read the Paper Jam Comics blog for you shall not regret it.

Good day.


Daniel said...

Hello, Gary

I've written a four page story for the next anthology expecting Lily to draw it, but she refuses to draw my dark/horror robot story.

Andy suggested that you would be the ideal artist when I explained the story to him.

Have you already got something lined up, or would you like to read my script/idea?


Gary said...

I'll definitely give it a look. Bring it along on Thursday.