Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The Next Colouration

It's taken a while, but I'm reasonably pleased with this. It's stemmed from watching an unhealthy amount of Deep Space 9 of late. And delusions of grandeur. It's got nowt to do with trying to redirect traffic to the blog in light of the new film.

Comments would be lovely. But not compulsory, don't worry if you've got nothing to say.


Dennis J. Reinm├╝ller said...

Hehe, I like it! Although the nerd in me has got to say that you're wearing the uniform of a deep space captain and not one the captain of a spaceship would wear (red top, black trousers)!
I could be completely wrong, though.

I like the colours. Did you do the whole thing in photoshop?

Gary said...

Cheers me dears. As for the uniform, I got a field promotion in a previous daydream.

All the colours are done in Photoshop, using channels.

Crumpet Time Comics said...

Looking good GB, has this robots anthology had a subconscious effect on your brain? I've been compelled to watch solely Farscape ever since I did my submission. I think I'd be good as D'Argo in a strip like this, orange-haired brute with a sword. Probably just get myself killed though. You're gonna have to teach me this channels thing, I'm wasting all my space using layers!

Unknown said...

For the record, if you ever draw my in a starfleet uniform I'd prefer some original series action... those guys knew how to explore space. Turn up at a planet, tell everyone their culture was wrong, seduce the local lasses and have a punch up. Marvelous.

thismeanswaugh said...

You should do more of these for other sci-fi shows/films -

"I'd make a great Doctor..."

"I'd make a great Jedi..."


CJ said...