Monday, 17 August 2009

Woo, and indeed, Hoo!

Everyone's favourite Newcastle based crime fiction with the word Nightbus in the title got reviewed today at The Good, The Bad and The Nifty. It's my understanding that Nightbus falls into the latter category. I am rather chipper as a result.

Thank you kindly.

This week, Gary has been soldiering on with War and Peace, by Tolstoy. It's all kicking right off, Napoleon's just captured Smolensk. Oh dear.


Naomi said...

Thanks for the link back, looking forward to the rest of the series :]

Gary said...

No worries, number two should also be in Travelling Man and we're just throwing ideas around for number three, so expect that in the next decade... maybe.

Naomi said...

Excellant stuff, I'll swing by tomorrow time allowing :)

thismeanswaugh said...

nice one matey