Wednesday, 28 October 2009

What I should've posted all about last month

Right, glad this mobile blogging's all up and running, I've been meaning to sort this for a while, but chronic laziness and such do not frequent blog posts make. Furthermore, we've moved on from the days when the Paper Jam Comics Collective had a tiny, or non-existant web presence. Remeber to check all the members' indivdual blogs for a truer account of what's actually happening in north east comics.

Anyway, that's a cross promotional way of saying the major events I'm involved with are in the past, namely two book festivals and the unofficial launch of the new anthology. You can read about those elsewhere. Follow the links. I'll wait. And so to new stuff.

I think just about every member of the PJCC will be at Thought Bubble this year, and why not? The last one was proper mint. We'll have a load of new stuff on the table and pictures will follow in the coming weeks. Let the unwarrented anticipation begin!

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