Sunday, 8 November 2009

Can I have a speaking part, please?

OK, about a fortnight ago, I held a competition on that Facebook. I'm doing a short seven page Nightbus comic for a showcase anthology starring me and Andy Waugh and maybe more. I had a pub scene with room for about five or so people. So I asked The first five or so people on Facebook that evening to demand that their face appear in this book. How exciting.

Here's the panel.

Top row: Conrad
Bottom row, left to right: Bernard, Alison, Laura S, Amy, Leonie, Laura J, Steve, César

I reckon I may add some greytones of I have time before Thought Bubble where the showcase will be making its first appearance. If we get it printed.


thismeanswaugh said...

I still want my ugly visage in this comic! Do it Bainbridge, or I'll introduce that talking turd called Gary into my comic...

Leonie O said...

Yay! Thanks for adding me in there, that's so awesome. Brilliant drawing of the Head of Steam, looking forward to seeing the rest of the comic.

Gary said...

Cheers Leonie, hopefully, we'll have it ready in some form for Thought Bubble.

Andy, there's already a monkey called Gary in the Waughniverse, you'd just confuddle your audience!