Saturday, 14 November 2009

Grainger Street

I finished work on a new book this weekend. I think you'll like it.

It's called Grainger Street, it totals 28 pages of quality paper stock and boasts a lino print cover. Top class. Grainger Street runs from Newcastle Central Station up to Grey's Monument and seeing as it's situated there, I've walked up and down it a number of times. The book is an attempt to draw together some of the things that I've encountered, thought about and seen on the way up to the Monument. It's bit of a guide to the city, but through my eyes and memories; as such, it's highly subjective, but you can go to the library if you want a rigorous historical document. It's one for Nightbus completists too, as one of the early stories was inspired by this street.

I'll be launching Grainger Street, to much pomp and fanfare, at Thought Bubble next weekend, do come along to the Paper Jam Comics table and say hello. Afterwards, it'll be available in my online shop, then in actual shops. Remember them?


Unknown said...

lovely cover. Look forward to seeing it.

Gary said...

Cheers, Ian, I'll bring a few copies down to the next Paper Jam meeting if you're around.

thismeanswaugh said...

yeah man, the cover is gorgeous.

I'd love to see the lino too if you fancy bringing it along.

Oscillating Brow said...

In Hollywood trailer voiceover style: "You've walked down the street - now buy the comic!"

Sold! (and yeah, cover looks really nice)