Sunday, 29 November 2009

Thought Bubble Debrief

I'll keep this short, as you can read most of the fun stuff at the respective blogs of other Paper Jam Comics Collective members. They're much more interesting anyway.

All I should mention are massive shout outs to the rest of the PJCC who milled around making our table look so much cooler than it actually was, Magda Boreysza, whose latest Toasty Cats is a delight, Douglas Noble, who I've been a fan of for some time and finally met, and the We Are Words and Pictures crew, who seem to hold similar values and aspirations to the PJCC but don't harbour fear and mistrust for organisation.

Also, Nightbus #1 got reviewed at Comic Impact. I was proper chuffed when I read this, so you should go read it too. Then buy yourself a copy. From the Shop!

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