Sunday, 26 September 2010


Oh yes.

Now that last weekend's frivolities are over, and laurels have been rested upon, I've been thinking about getting stuff ready for Thought Bubble in November. This year, I'll be launching two new titles, assuming I get either one of them finished. Both have been in the pipeline for a while, so I'm dead chuffed to be getting them out there. The above image is from Sugar Glider by me and Daniel Clifford. It's an adventure story and you'll love it intensely.

What's more, there's the eagerly awaited Show & Tell that was first mentioned by me and co-creator Andrew Waugh about a year ago. We were going to do it with a third contributor, making it a small press Cerberus-like showcase, but due to other commitments, only Andy and I could fully prioritise the book, so we're making it a two headed affair instead. Expect new stuff, unpublished old stuff and a short Nightbus story - the first in a good while, and the usual comics joys from Mr Waugh.

But, it's equally likely I'll do nowt between now and then.


Daniel said...

That panel is perfect!

Unknown said...

There's a touch of Darwyn Cooke about that image, Gary. This is a good thing.

Paul Thompson said...

Looking good!

Gary said...

Cheers gents! Sorry for the late reply here, blogger didn't inform me you'd posted. Ian - thanks man, I heart Darwyn Cooke! The similarities are probably down to the brushpen.