Friday, 17 September 2010

Some bizarre facts about the Interwebs

If you Google Jack Fallows' überawesome comic Gentleman Ghost, (image search, obviously) you get a load of rubbish from DC concerning their copyright infringing character, but you weirdly get a drawing of GG by yours truly. This is quite funny for me, but no doubt crushing for young Fallows.

Bloggers new stats feature tells me I periodically have a rush of viewers to the site, followed by month long periods of nothingness, I get more visitors from the US than UK and my most popular post has nothing to do with my artwork, comics collaborations, appearances, charity work or that statue of me they're erecting in Dubai, but a juvenile post concerning comics characters looking like celebrities.

But most importantly of all, if you want to follow the exploits of me and my esteemed colleague Andrew Waugh at Leeds Alternative Comics Fair tomorrow, you should follow me on that Twitter. @GB_COMICS is what you need to click on.

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