Tuesday, 26 October 2010

More Sugar Glider Stuff

Is this the best panel I've ever drawn? Maybe. But enough of this conjecture, my esteemed colleague, Daniel Clifford has posted an analysis of the must-have comic of the year classic in waiting, Sugar Glider. He talks about some of the major themes and how the idea came to fruition, using much cleverer words than me. This will be a super amazing comic, and Daniel distills just how excited we are to get it out there.

Speaking of which, if you become a fan of Sugar Glider Comics on that Facebook, when we get to the milestone of 100 fans, one lucky duck will receive an advance PDF copy of the comic! How awesome? So awesome.


thismeanswaugh said...

Yes, that probably IS the best panel you've ever drawn Gary, but that's just a testament to how awesome it is.

This work you've been producing for Sugar Glider is simply awe-inspiring, mate.

Not only is it on par with a lot of the DC and Marvel stuff I see knocking about, but crucially it's DIFFERENT, in the same way Darwyn Cooke's stuff is (but certainly not a rip-off).

May I suggest that after Sugar Glider is done, you and Mr Clifford sit down and hammer out something to pitch to 2000AD? I can smell a professional career on the cards.

Gary said...

Wow. That's high praise, Andy! Suggestion noted - I'll also be thrusting a copy into the grubby kits of anyone from marvel, DC et al.

Naomi said...

I am most excited for the arrival of this now :)

Gary said...

Thanks Naomi! Should be out in time for Thought Bubble on 20th Nov.