Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Pre-Order Sugar Glider

Here it is, folks! The cover of Sugar Glider #1! Revealed at the weekend when we passed 85 'likes' on the Sugar Glider Facebook fan page, go there now and become a fan now if you haven't done so already! Also, as of today, you can pre-order a copy of Sugar Glider #1 in the Shop, head over there and take advantage of the free p&p which in this age of postal service barbarism is a shining light in the void. Speaking of which, my esteemed colleague and SG co-creator, Daniel Clifford gets himself interviewed on the Sidekick Blog and recounts the anecdotes of how a few misspent evenings typing 'sugar glider' into Youtube resulted into the most anticipated comic of the century.

Anyway, if you missed it first time round - YOU CAN PRE-ORDER SUGAR GLIDER! Unless you want to come to Thought Bubble on 20th November and talk to us and stuff.

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