Saturday, 13 November 2010

Thought Bubble

This year's Thought Bubble, for me at least, will be all about the eagerly awaited. Sugar Glider has been in the making for over a year in reality and Show & Tell, the showcase collaboration between myself and Andrew Waugh was initially intended to go on sale at last year's TB, but we didn't get it out there for a number of reasons. We vowed not to let it fall by the wayside, so we redoubled our efforts to make the comic even better, including slaving over cover ideas and creating more comics to make for a more satisfying read. Speaking of the cover, it's a flip book with two covers - Andy's done one half and I've done the other - you'll have to bug him over on his blog or come talk to us at Thought Bubble if you want to see his cover!

So for your currency, you get a Nightbus strip AND a previously unpublished short story called Merry Fox (above). Andy's offering a delightfuly spooky story called Madam Doreen (below) AND some comedic delights that will have you lolling out loud, in the form of Big Things Hiding Behind Small Things.

The idea behind the book is to act as a way of saying to folks, if you like my work, you might like Andy's comics. And vice versa. It's like a really lo-fi version of Amazon recommendations or iTunes Genius. But more importantly, I think our work really complements each other so well. Andy and I have worked together successfully and effortlessly in the past, most notably on the Paper Jam Comics Collective's Robots... and that, and making a comic together seemed like the next step.

You can pick up a copy of Show & Tell from mine and Andy's table at Thought Bubble on Saturday.

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