Monday, 20 December 2010

Style Meme

I did this on a Snow Day after discovering the work of the super talented Elena Barbarich, an artist who also goes by the name Yamino. She was at Thought Bubble this year, but I missed the chance to speak to her. I did however see some of her awesome work and had a go at her Style Meme. Want to play too? Pick one of your characters, download the template, and draw your creation in a variety of visual styles.

For your reference:
Regular: Sugar Glider!
European: It was a tough call, but I used this panel to pay homage to one of my heroes, Lewis Trondheim.
American: Riffing around the cover of Amazing Spider-man #1, art by Steve Ditko. I loved the idea, but I'd like to polish this one a bit more, it just didn't come out right. Early Spidey comics were one of the inspirations for the mood of Sugar Glider - the fun aspect in particular.
Japanese: Yeah, I don't really know a massive number of manga artists, but this refers to subjective motion and look at that lovely halftone.
2-year old: I used to draw massive spiky hands when I was a bairn.
Realism: This is a photo from Thought Bubble, I was telling Magda Boreysa about Sugar Glider and she said she'd seen a cosplayer dressed as Sugar Glider - clearly when we tracked her down, it turned out she was dressed as Catwoman, but she kindly held up a copy of the comic for our picture. Now you know what you have to dress as next year!
Internet Meme: LOLShugz. This is something that has to catch on! The image is from, please don't sue, it's all good fun!
Retro: Based around a number of 50s and 60s romance comics, again, more of an experiment with halftone goodness, this time in colour.
Alternate Reality: What If... Newcastle were protected by a real life giant Sugar Glider?
Freestyle: In the style of Yamino's character Sister Claire. Had some fun learning some new colouring techniques.


Oscillating Brow said...

Mint! Mad props on the Herbert-Glider!

Michael Duckett said...

I'll dress as sugar glider for you next year.
Remind me.

Gary said...

OB - thought you'd like that one

Mike - I look forward to it!