Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sugar Glider and Art... And That Reviews on SPBM

Sugar Glider has received another highly mint review from Small Press Big Mouth, everyone's favourite podcast. Stacey has been gracious enough to give me great reviews of Nightbus and Grainger Street, but this time, it's Lee who gets his mits on the comic first. He picked up on the noticeable visual development, almost like a rather public six or seven pages of me figuring out how to make SG not look like Nightbus, but still stay true to my work. He picks up on the text and offers a compelling case for using fonts, but I have my reasons for using hand drawn text. Maybe I'll go into them at length later. If you're interested.

On the same podcast, there's a review from Stacey of Art... and that, the Paper Jam Comics Collective's seventh anthology, which features me on covers and Duchamp references. I was really chuffed that mine and Andy's strips get special mentions for services to awesomeness.

Cheers guys!

You can listen to Small Press Big Mouth Episode 27 here.

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