Friday, 11 March 2011

Sugar Glider Stories

Sugar Glider Stories is now finished and on sale over the Interwebs at my humble Shop, and also at Daniel's shop. For those of you who missed the big reveal, here is the cover that, surprisingly enough, didn't kill me...

The book looks at the lives and events of characters other than Susie, and also sets the scene for further developments in the main title, which you folks will see in Sugar Glider #2, due for release in the Summer. Or thereabouts.

Sugar Glider Stories was edited and written by Daniel and myself, and features art from numerous small press legends, newcomers and passers-by: Martin Eden, Matthew Craig, Graham Pearce & Jim Cameron, Lee Grice, Andrew Waugh, Martin Newman & The Christian, Dan Gilmore, Simon Cavanagh, Kevin 'Gio' Logue, James Cornell and Ian Mayor. You can read interviews and rants with each of the creators at Daniel's new blog. I'll take this opportunity to offer profound thanks to each of the contributors, you've really done something special here, guys! There's also a couple of strips written by me and drawn by Daniel!

For those of you who want a physical copy and a conversation with my good self, you can come to the 2nd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair on Saturday 19th March, at A Nation of Shopkeepers, Leeds and pick up a copy there.

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