Thursday, 19 May 2011

More Fan Art & Sugar Glider #2 Progress Report

If you're not already a fan of Sugar Glider Comics on Facebook, then you should be. Forshame! One great reason to click the link and like our page, is because you'll then get to see the abundance of super-awesome fan art that Daniel and I have been collecting since Sugar Glider #1 came into the world last November.

The latest is by Dani Abram and perfectly captures the ethos of the character. I've said this before, but seeing new Sugar Glider fan art is one of my favourite things about making this comic. It is such a huge compliment and so sweet that real people take time out of their lives to draw a character we created. Thank you!

In other news, work is progressing on SG #2, with new character designs taking up the bulk of our time. The whole book, however, is written, broken down into funny little pictures and approximately one third pencilled out for reals. I'll keep you lot updated as and when. There probably won't be any exciting pictures for now, so do be patient until I start inking!

Anyway, I turn old tomorrow, so I'd best be off. Take care now.

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