Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sugar Glider Stories Review at FPI

Richard Bruton over at Forbidden Planet International Blog is the lovely chap who reviewed Sugar Glider #1 back in February, for those of you who can't remember, that review is here.

On Friday, he reviewed SG's sister publication, Sugar Glider Stories, and said rather complementary things about Daniel's writing, "a good ear for dialogue", and my strip, which I wrote and drew, "a great four pager". The full review can be read here.

Overall, the purpose of an anthology expanding the universe of such a new book was questioned, but it's something we were aware of. It's my hope that SGS will be more of a slow burner, and some people may choose to read all three of the main title before coming to the anthologies to fill in some gaps. Personally, I wanted to expand on the motivations of the antagonists in Sugar Glider with my four page strip in SGS, which I think I achieved. Those kids have a clear purpose now, which wasn't always made evident in Sugar Glider. If you were intrigued, or just confused, and wanted more, then that's why Sugar Glider Stories exists.

Sugar Glider Stories is available here for three pounds plus p&p.

In other news, there's more fan art on the SG Facebook page! Go see! And badges! You want badges? Get some here.

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