Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sugar Glider 2 Cover

The wait is almost over. At the back of Sugar Glider #1, you may remember being teased with these questions...

Those questions are about to be answered, some in full, some in part, with Sugar Glider #2. We finished it yesterday and Daniel and I started tweeting about it, drumming up some interest. Before we knew it, we'd passed another milestone of fans of the Sugar Glider Facebook page, demanding we reveal the front cover. Here it is, if you missed it:

Slightly tweaked from the preview you saw in Sugar Glider Stories #1, with the addition of some watercolour in the background. What I thought would have been a fairly simple paint scan, cut and paste in Photoshop, turned out to be quite the arduous task. I won't go into the details, but I really feel that I learnt a lot from colouring this front cover, and indeed, the as yet unrevealed back cover.

I was really blown away by the responses, comments, retweets, and so forth across the social media we exist upon. Thanks a lot guys! Here's hoping you enjoy the innards as much as this humble cover.

Sugar Glider #1 and Sugar Glider Stories #1 are available at Daniel's shop. We're down to the last few copies, so get them while you can.

Sugar Glider #2 will be available in a couple of weeks.

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