Friday, 2 September 2011

The 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair

The 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair or if you prefer, #LACF3 is almost upon us! Taking place yet again, in the lovely pub that is A Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds city centre on Saturday 1st October. It's a fantastic event, the last two have been mine and Andy Waugh's favourite events of the past few years and it's largely down to the small size and variety of exhibitors. It basically means you can get a look at what everyone's got on offer and actually have a few proper conversations with people. The exhibitors all have a wide variety of stuff on their tables, there's an array of genres of alternative comics, as the name suggests, as well as books, prints, illustrations, art, craft, badges, nick-nacks, gee-gaws and thingamabobs. Did I mention it's in a pub as well? It's in a pub.

The event is hosted by Steve Tillotson (Banal Pig) and Hugh “Shug” Raine (REET! Comics), and they'll be entertaining their guests from previous LACFs: me and Andy, Gareth Brookes, Helen “Memo” Entwisle, Huw “Lem” Davies, Ben Clark, Kristyna Baczynski and Geof Banyard (Fetishman).

And joining the party this time round are James Downing (COUK), Jim Medway, Isaac Lenkiewicz, Kelly Walton, Bob Milner (Milk Two Sugars) and a cameo appearance from Darryl Cunningham, of Psychiatric Tales fame. I've had a look at their websites and I'm looking forward to awkward conversations with each of them.

The non legendary communal table will also be making a return, having ben finding itself in Goa these past few months. Non-exhibitors can bring their comics along to sell in return for helping out at the table for a stint.

So to recap: the 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair is at A Nation of Shopkeepers in Leeds from 12noon to 5pm. It's FREE entry and all of the details can be found at the LACF website, on Facebook, by searching for "Leeds Alternative Comics" or on Twitter @leedsaltcomics.

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