Friday, 23 September 2011

Sugar Glider 2 Review at FPI

Thanks again to Richard at Forbidden Planet International Blog who took time out to review Sugar Glider 2 this week.

Daniel and I have been really pleased with the responses we've had about SG2, but this review is one that I was looking forward to, as Richard was impressed with parts of SG1, but not all of it, questioning the existence of the book as a whole. Essentially asking the question that's been in the back of my head since starting this project, "what is the point of yet another superhero book?" So it was rather encouraging to read these words,

"Do we need another superhero series? … Yes we do, especially when it’s as enjoyable and fresh as Sugar Glider."

If you'd like to read the whole review, it can be found here. If you 'd like to pick up a copy of Sugar Glider 2, or any of the other titles in the series, head over here or here. Or come down to the Leeds Alternative Comics Fair on 1st October.

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