Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Thought Bubble 2011

It's a highly exciting time of year, or rather stressful... Thought Bubble's legendary comic con begins this weekend and I will be exhibiting comics new and old from the Sugar Glider universe, as well as classics like Grainger Street and Nightbus. I'll be sharing the table with my comrade-in-arms, Andrew Waugh on the Saturday. If you haven't read his modern fable, Hermit, then you should know your mother and I are very disappointed in you. I suppose you'll have a chance to rectify that on Saturday though, by still... On the Sunday, I'll be joined by the multi-talented printmaker and illustrator, Helen Entwisle. Be sure to pick up one of her joyous cards, prints or curios for a loved one for Christmas.


Steve said...

Hey guys, check out my blog ( for some Sugar Glider fan art. Great comic btw!

Gary said...

Hi Steve. I love what you've done - it really captures what the comic's about. Could you email a hi-res version so I can put it up on the website and Facebook site? The email link is on the sidebar. Cheers!