Sunday, 18 December 2011

Leeds Alt Comics Fair, Thought Bubble and Canny Comic Con

October, November and December were fun months due to each one taking in a comics event and inviting us along for the jaunt.

First up was the 3rd Leeds Alternative Comics Fair, an event that has cemented itself as one of my favourites because it's in a pub. It's also an intimate affair, deftly organised by Hugh 'Shug' Raine and Steve Tillotson. LACF offers a diverse cross section of the UK small press scene, based mainly in the north, but with guests from much further afield too. As a result, there's something for everyone and a chance to speak to all of the exhibitors, something that's just not possible at the bigger events. I was sharing a table with Andy Waugh and we had a lovely time in spite of freakishly high temperatures and sunny conditions keeping punters away from the venue. You can check out Hugh's photos from the event here.

This little Susie made her first appearance at LACF, and proved to be the most popular thing at the table. As I'm sure you'll remember, it was made by my sister from another mister, Scarlet Pyjamas for my birthday way back in May. Someone suggested, in jest or in a stroke of genius perhaps, that she should come free, Beano-style, with a copy of the comic. As only one is in existence, that may be a bit of a bother...

Back in Leeds for Thought Bubble in November, it was the festival's first outing as a two-dayer. I was going for the weekend, sharing with Andy on Saturday and Helen Entwisle on the Sunday. We had a great one, and struck a nice balance between good sales and meeting comics mates new and old. My Sugar Glider co-creator, Daniel Clifford was also at TB, launching his new venture, Art Heroes, which you should check out. Here's a photo of mine and Andy's work entertaining the troops.

The last event of the year was a new one, the Canny Comic Con is the first comics event that has taken place in Newcastle in over fifteen years, it is the only major comics event in the gap between Inverness and Leeds and it was an absolute pleasure to be at Newcastle City Library to sell our wares. There was an electric atmosphere, with a crowd representing a range of ages and backgrounds. For me it's always a pleasure to sell stuff in Newcastle as that's where all or most of my work is set. Newcastle is essential to Sugar Glider, so it makes sense to get into the Toon and talk to its denizens about their superhero. It wasn't intentional, but our latest title, Sugar Glider Stories 2, even has the new City Library on the front cover! If you want to see what it all looked like, head over here. If you want to hear some interviews with exhibitors and guests head over here. Sales on the day were excellent, but more importantly, we got the chance to speak to returning Sugar Glider fans. Thanks for taking the time to stop by guys! Also a massive thank you to Alex and Stace who organised this wondrous day is such an effortless manner. I'll leave you with a photo of me and Andy at our table.

All in all, it was a great run of events to finish up the year. Three very different cons, but all were essential and I left them all with a great buzz for making comics and I'm looking forward to the next event in 2012.

Hopefully see you then.

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