Sunday, 4 March 2012

Draw Everyday Part VI

This week's draw everyday update was completed at yesterday's event at Sunderland Library. Daniel and Lee were doing another of their superb comics workshops while I was promoting Sugar Glider to the young people of Sunderland. (follow that link, by the way, Daniel and Lee have been doing some awesome stuff lately.)We met comics fans new and old and everyone seemed really impressed with what we were doing. I really love doing these small events because it gives you the chance to really talk to people about the book, and they too seemed really interested in what we were doing. Also, we were pleased to see the vast range of genres within comics represented both by what people were reading and what was on the shelves in Sunderland's library. Finally, a place that doesn't put Maus on the same shelf as Mickey Mouse.

Anyway, here's the sketchbook page. Remember, no edits here, just rearranged on to an A4 portrait page. This is Susie Sullivan, but you may know her better as Sugar Glider.

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