Saturday, 31 March 2012

Draw Everyday Part X

More fun with the Snapseed app. This time asking inspiration for ideas for my LACF4 poster on Twitter, @scripted_rants suggested "Penguin with a jetpack!" Not really knowing if this was a thing that exists already, I thought I'd subvert it by not drawing the jetpack. What a maverick.

Anyway, here's the original in my handmade take it everywhere sketchbook. A little bit of ghosting coming through from a drawing on the other side. Plus I generally wasn't that happy with the drawing itself. Let's see what a little Snapseeding can do...

Here it is with a little bit cropped off the edges, but with the proportions maintained. Then I upped the contrast, selected a texture and created a rudimentary vignette.

Et voilà! a penguin explorer. Any good?

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