Saturday, 7 April 2012

Draw Everyday Part XI

A couple of weeks ago I went along with a friend from work to BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art for their Drawing Inspiration session. It was a really interesting way to spend a Friday night, drawing from observation, memory, imagination and action. One of the warm up activities was really cool because it was in two parts, but we didn't know it at the time.  The first part was to make twenty thumb prints on the piece of paper in any way you want. As each task was timed and the times were short, I didn't think about it too much and went for something methodical.

Then you had to change all twenty thumb prints into something different. As mine were clustered together there was only one thing for it. The ordered repetition of the prints reminded me of Warhol's Marilyns or Elvises. A few lines were all that was needed to change it, but a gallery isn't complete without an audience...

That's me and my wife offering a critique, again, not much time here, but I was really pleased with the concept. So if I look at this again in a few weeks and I'm still chuckling, I might redo the figures and get a few prints done for comics fairs.

Then we had to grab a buddy, paper and chalk to do a blind drawing of one another. Blind drawing is reeeeeeaaaalllly difficult. But so much fun. You have to do them every now and again to really observe and loosen up. This is stage one.

After a second round of blind drawing with a different colour, we were allowed to look and work on a specific feature. So when I was allowed to look at the paper, I messed up the mouth. Oops.

The final task was to get rid of at least fifty percent of the black paper. I was really pleased with the results, mistakes and accidents especially. Baltic should definitely do more events like this. We had a great time and got some inspirational ideas for different ways to create drawings.

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