Sunday, 1 April 2012

My Name's Gary and I Make Comics...

I don't normally talk about work on here, but I've been talking comics at work, so it seems appropriate to have a little crossover. Some of our students are doing a unit in careers in the Art & Design industries, so we've been getting various professionals in from different institutions to discuss that very thing. We've had guests from Ubisoft and Baltic, and after one person cancelled, I was asked to step in and talk about being an artist, self publisher and comics creator.

I did a brief run through of my time at uni and my comics in a fine art context that characterised my early work. Talked about exhibitions I've had and of course, Nightbus, Grainger Street and Sugar Glider. I discussed how Daniel and I promote and sell the work and then there was a little Q & A afterwards. Some of the students were a little shy and put their comments and questions on post-it notes. Here they are for your perusal...

"Really good. I could read them all day and it has given me inspiration to start to make them myself"

Excellent. My work here is done.

"Should set it in the old school just before it gets knocked down and a kid is trapped inside."

I like this comment as it taps into the importance of the comic being set in specific places. We've just recently moved sites and the old building is due to be demolished soon.

"They are unique as they are set in Newcastle"

"Do one in the Metrocentre or about the school, save the kids!"

"Fight in the Metro Centre!"

"I liked the local places like Monument, Metro and the Gate. And the Paramore poster!"

It appear the local setting of Sugar Glider, and the majority of my other work, still appeals. On a similar note, I was pleased that the Paramore poster was picked up upon. Daniel and I set aside to consider what music Susie likes. In contrast to her fickle nature, she appears to have one constant in her life, in the form of her favourite band.

"Illustrations are good :)"

Thanks. Smiley face. These two comments are really awesome too:

"I like the comics because they are very imaginative and it makes you want to read on."

"Without the illustrations in Grainger Street you would still get the same feel because the writing is so descriptive."

and of course, the ever present request that comes with every mention that I make came at the end. No, not you should do one about me or my mate, but something much more important...

"Do a comic about Primark?"

As I'm sure I've mentioned beforehand, it's always a pleasure to talk about Sugar Glider to its intended audience, and who knows, maybe some comic creators of the future.

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