Monday, 28 May 2012

Craft Fair on Saturday

I know, I know it's short notice, but come on, we all know you've got nothing planned really.

This Saturday, Daniel and I will be at the Queen's Jubilee Craft Fair in Gateshead. The event runs from 1-5pm and is a fine place to pick up retro, vintage and handmade wares. And any Sugar Glider comics you may be missing. We're always looking for new audiences, outside of the the regular comics crowd, so hopefully this will be a good opportunity to spread the SG word, win over some hearts and minds and to put the comic in the hands of people who wouldn't normally get to read it.

There's also a competition for the best costume, you have to dress either in red, white and blue or in a 1950s theme. I dare you to dress as Sugar Glider, if she were from the 50s.

More info can be found at the Facebook page here.

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