Friday, 15 June 2012

Sugar Glider Stories 1 Review at New Readers

The good people at New Readers, Start Here have only gone and reviewed Sugar Glider Stories 1 for us. The site has the noble mission statement of reviewing a wide range of comics in order to demonstrate the vast breadth of genres within comics. Essentially, it goes back to the old adage of "there's a comic for everyone, you just need to find it". This site is hopefully going to help people do just that.

Here's a snippet from reviewer Saranga:

"It's intriguing and it's memorable and it's got a uniqueness about it you don't often find in small press, independent comics."

Sugar Glider Stories isn't a perfect comic, and as with all anthologies, is a gamble. some inconsistencies are brought up in the review, but I think the SGS books work best as part of the whole, adding to the experience of the main title. So I was really pleased that this review showed the opposite view of reading SGS first and opening up the curiosity to delve deeper into the Gliderverse.

You can read the whole of Saranga's review at New Readers, Start Here, you can buy Sugar Glider Stories 1 and all of the other SG comics here, and don't forget that Sugar Glider 1 is being serialised online for free starting here and continuing every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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