Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Nightbus Review at FPI

Richard Bruton of Forbidden Planet International Blog has only gone and reviewed Nightbus! Not just the new one but the whole series. Mint. Here's a couple of quotes, firstly on issues one and two.

"The story and art in those first couple issues are snappy, jumpy things, script and storytelling fast and interesting, designed to impress in a quick hit."

That kind of hits the nail on the head with what we were going for, telling the beginning and middle, or maybe just the middle of stories and letting the reader fill in the blanks. On to issue three,

"Bainbridge had a lot more to do here, both scripting the story and delivering more pages of art, and it definitely shows in the storytelling, as this finale is something far more satisfying, something whole, something with a definitive ending."

Richard picks up on a lot of subtleties of the series and as you'd expect from something I started while I was at university, there are faults here. Nightbus isn't perfect, because it's conventional in unexpected ways and unconventional in unexpected ways. But perhaps that's why I've revisited it.

You can read the full review here and buy digital or phyical copies of Nightbus here.

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